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The Costs of Constructing Commercial Steel Buildings

As you are about to learn, there are a number of different costs associated with constructing commercial steel buildings. But these useful structures are very [...]

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How You Can Protect Your Home From Disaster

Home disasters can happen. Thankfully, because of advanced warning technology and savvy evacuation procedures, the cost to human life is kept to a minimum. An [...]

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Build Your Dream Hobby Garage

Are you ready to build your dream garage? We’re not talking about a run-of-the-mill, last minute house addition garage. We’re talking about the fully featured, [...]

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Metal Building Construction As the Ultimate Solution To Your Building Needs

Metal is the material of choice for most commercial applications. But, metal buildings are also very popular for residential applications. Garages, workshops, barns, tool sheds, [...]

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Discover How Airplane Hangars Can Protect Your Investment

Whether you own one private plane, a jet, or several airplanes for commercial use, you have a tremendous investment in your love of flying. However, [...]

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Why Choose a Commercial Metal Building for Your Business?

In the past, many commercial metal building designs were drab, dull, and quite frankly they were very boring. But we’re happy to let you know [...]

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Metal Warehouses: The Pinnacle Of Adaptability

Think that metal warehouses are only good for storing inventory? While that’s certainly one of their most well-known uses, the truth is that mighty metallic [...]

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Steel Office Buildings, The Fidelity Steel Way

If you are in search of an office building that is chock full of accommodations, a great work environment, and as green as they come [...]

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How Prefab Buildings Might Inspire The Next Generation Of Homeowners

Have you seen this article? Recently published in the Sacramento Bee, the piece highlights some of the incredible advantages that prefab buildings have over their [...]

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​Cool Roofs Are Heating Up

Have you heard of cool roofs? These specially designed roofs help protect a building’s occupants from the heat. Once considered a novelty, they’re starting to [...]

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