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Going Green

Minimal Required Materials

Using extensive analysis, design, and computer modeling our pre-engineered steel buildings minimize the amount of steel required and shop time needed to fabricate the building so material isn’t wasted and the shop processes minimize their effect on our environment. This precise design process results in the lightest possible structure saving on the size and amount of concrete, of the foundations that will support the steel structure.

Reusable Materials

(credit MR 1.1 and MR1.2) In the same way we use scrap steel to fabricate our steel buildings, our buildings can be re-used, relocated, or savage for recycling. Practically 100% of our steel buildings can be re-used in one of these ways.

Life Cycle

With warranties of 25 years and minimal maintenance requirements, the life span of a steel building surpasses any other structural building material.

Daylight and Views-Daylight

(credit IEQ8.1) With the integration of translucent, or opaque fiberglass light panels of the roof and walls, our metal buildings can qualify for this leed credit, which requires 25 footcandles of natural light to 75% of the regularly occupied space.

Energy Efficient

The wall and roof assemblies in a pre-engineered steel building are versatile and can be made to meet any insulation requirements. Using thermal spacers, batt insulation, rigid insulation or sandwich panels, the thermal values of a pre-engineered steel building can far exceed new requirements set out by the building code for thermal values and green building requirements.

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