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Steel barns and metal farm buildings are ideal to store and protect equipment, animals and crops for both commercial and personal farms.

Pre-engineered steel buildings can be custom designed to meet all your farming storage needs and present many benefits to traditional farm construction such as cost savings, erection speed, and require much less maintenance.

Farmers are one of the strongest backbones in America. As a farmer, you require plenty of buildings for your equipment, animals, and storage for crops. All of which we are more than capable of creating. So what are the benefits of trusting Fidelity Steel to take care of your construction needs?

First, we save you time. Pre-engineered steel buildings cut back on the time it takes to make great buildings by constructing them right in the factory. This eliminates complications due to inclement weather, the shipping out of individual materials and construction workers, and allows for a simple, yet sturdy, foundation so your housing goes up quickly. It saves you the time required to tackle the project yourself, and lets you rest easy knowing that we use only experts on our teams so your job is done right. Our steel farm buildings also require very little maintenance so you can focus on the hard work that must be done each day.

Secondly, we save you money. We believe in good, honest, business. We aren’t here to sell you the most expensive unit money can buy, we’re here to help see your project ideas come to life, and take pride in your satisfaction. We offer various quotes based on your needs, and are happy to meet each and every one of them. Prefabricated metal barns are fully customizable to accommodate anything you need. Size, windows, doors, and beams can all be added, or removed, and placed strategically.

Third, there are several benefits of metal construction as opposed to wood. Our buildings will not rot, or decay, and use quality material that will not rust, or cause leaks, over time. A pole-less design for barns keeps pesky birds from roosting within, eliminating the spreading of diseases (such as avian flu) to your animals. They keep the elements at bay, and are made to withstand whatever mother nature can throw at them to keep your equipment safe from harm. Also, pests do not make their homes in metal, unlike wood, which is a huge benefit for the safety and protection of your crops.

We know that farmers have enough work to do. That’s why we do the hard work for you when it comes to constructing new buildings on your property. We use cost efficient methods, high quality material, and practical methods to bring you a great product that will meet all of your needs. Initial consultation and quotes are free, so there’s nothing to lose. Give Fidelity Steel a call today.

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