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Fidelity Steel’s Fasteners

Fidelity Steel’s long life fasteners have a lifetime warranty. No rusting, no oxidation and always remain shiny. Fidelity Steel provides neoprene washers that prevent over-drilling of the fasteners. Over drilling can tear the sheeting and cause leaks. Also, our fasteners come in painted colors to match should you elect to go with a colored roof. The competition often times opts to cut corners and go with zinc fasteners. Zinc fasteners rust. Cadmium plated fasteners are also a popular choice in cut rate buildings. Cadmium plated fasteners do not rust but do oxidize leaving black streaks down the side of your building. Fidelity Steel goes above and beyond the industry standard and provides neoprene washers with your wall screws. Without something as simple as neoprene washers, accidental over drilling can lead to the sheeting tearing which can cause leaks, crack the paint, and lead to rust.

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