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Fidelity Steel offers unique, affordable, and quality buildings for your personal, or professional, needs. We are the turn key steel building solution for aircraft hangars, metal warehouses, storage facilities, steel sheds, manufacturing facilities, garages, churches, and so much more.

Utilizing green construction, we create durable, recyclable, cost efficient, energy saving designs. We make economic, and environmentally friendly buildings.

Using only high quality materials, your investment will withstand anything mother nature can muster, will not rust or leak, and will last you decades. Our quality starts with our steel, and continues on down to the washers on the screws. There’s no good that comes from cutting corners, and we refuse to do so.

Our erector friendly buildings go up without hassle, or delays. Saving you both stress and time. Using purlins and girts, we eliminate unnecessary parts. Your money is hard earned and should only be spent on the best product. We manufacture straight walls so that every inch of your structure can be utilized, and use cost efficient methods to deliver our products to you.

You are always in control of your project, as we offer unique designs to meet your every need. Things like lighting, and windows, the amount of space, and design are all approved by you to make sure that every aspect is perfect. Your satisfaction is our main goal. After all, this is your project!

We are happy to do the hard work. From start to finish, our highly trained experts can handle the entire process. Combining best practices, we can overcome any obstacle to bring you a building you will truly be proud of. Relax, take a load off, we’ve got you covered, and will get the job done right. Any and all expectations will be met, as we will always consult you at every step of process.

We ingrain a culture within all of our employees, from construction worker to contractor. We believe in integrity, sincerity, honesty, accountability, reliability, and a good work ethic. We might be a company, be we are made up of individuals who love what they do. We treat your project as if it were our own, because we know how important it is to you, and we truly appreciate your business with us.

We don’t want your money unless you want us to handle your project. So we made initial consultations free, as well as getting quotes. It’s just good business! Give us a call today, and see what Fidelity Steel can help you accomplish.

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