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How You Can Protect Your Home From Disaster

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Home disasters can happen. Thankfully, because of advanced warning technology and savvy evacuation procedures, the cost to human life is kept to a minimum. An unfortunate truth, however, is that even one catastrophe, while not particularly devastating to human life, can still be more than enough to cause massive property damage, perhaps even to your home. Today, we’re going to cover some disaster facts and learn how metal buildings might be the best bet for keeping your home shielded from the worst effects.

When Disaster Strikes

Take a look at this map. Notice that for most, extreme weather represents the most significant threat. During storms, the intense winds can cause many residential structures to fold, as they aren’t built to withstand such forces. A larger number of metal buildings, on the other hand, are better equipped to put up with the winds and rains that mother nature can dish out.

That’s because of the nature of steel and the unique nature of the steel building process. First, a note about steel as a building material. There are many advantages to using steel, but from a durable construction standpoint, the major advantage is the higher strength-to-weight ratio that steel holds over building materials like wood. Because it is so strong, it is more likely to hold up against the strain of a tornado, earthquake, or hurricane. Thanks to the manner in which steel prefabs are manufactured and erected, it aids in leveraging steel’s natural strength and durability, further increasing the stability and safety of the building. Put up correctly, a steel structure won’t warp, split, or creep unless subjected to serious forces, the likes of which most homes will never see.

Further Advantages Of Metal Buildings

metal buildings

Steel’s strength and ability to withstand abuse isn’t its only positive quality. As we touched upon earlier, there are plenty of reasons that steel has become an increasingly popular residential construction material, not least of which is affordability. Steel prices have dropped since it was first introduced as a building material, and the prices rarely (if ever) fluctuate beyond a certain level. That cost effectiveness is further augmented by the fact that steel is also a green building material.

And by green, we’re referring to eco-friendliness. First off, steel lasts for a long time. In addition to being strong, it is less susceptible to rot, termites, mold, and other maladies that would spell the end of a wooden structure. There’s less maintenance involved, and less need to replace parts of a steel building. You’ll need less steel to complete a project, and there’s much less waste at the end of construction to boot. That’s not even the most substantial green feature, however.

Perhaps the most impressive part about using steel is that the vast majority is recycled. Check the facts on steel recycling, and you’ll find that more of it is recycled each year than paper, plastic, and aluminum combined (more than 82 million tons of steel were recycled in the US in 2008). It can be continuously reused and recycled with no loss in quality, and 100% of excess steel from building projects can be recycled as well. What’s more, using steel complies with many green building codes and standards that have been put in place around the country. By going with a metal building, you’re not just protecting your structure from the elements, you’re helping out the ecosystem as well.

There might be a few small drawbacks, such as the potential for corrosion, but when a building is designed correctly, this risk is virtually nullified, leaving you with a superior building option that’s more affordable than just about any other.

Getting The Best Steel Building

metal buildings

Means going with an experienced manufacturer. Prefab steel specialists like Fidelity Steel are generally a good option, for several reasons. The first of these is their dedication to standardizing their process. Using a higher quality steel, and giving their buildings a set of standard features so that you can be more certain of the level of craftsmanship you’ll receive with your finished product.

When it comes to shipping your prefab parts and getting your building up, they can handle the entire building process. This is a clear advantage, as it allows you to rely on their experience to achieve the best possible building. The can get the materials to a site, set and adhere to the necessary project schedules, and construct your building using the most modern techniques.

They’re accustomed to handling all kinds of diverse projects, so if something comes up during construction that’s out of the ordinary, chances are they’ll be able to handle it with ease. Weather conditions, for instance, can put a damper on construction. By going with an experienced builder, you can feel confident in knowing that they are skilled enough to anticipate and work through or around conditions that would halt the progress of a less capable team.

Their long history and deep ties to the industry afford additional advantages. It means that they can call upon an extensive network of different suppliers, contractors, and subcontractors to come up with unique solutions to any challenges that the building process might present. Realistically, there are few challenges that they won’t be able to surmount thanks to their years of know-how.

In the end, you’ll be left with a top notch steel building at a price that is highly affordable. Customizing your structure to fit your specific needs will be simple, and you’ll be able to enjoy the many benefits that come with using metal over less capable construction materials.

Closing Thoughts

By now it should be pretty obvious that while disasters aren’t of unheard of throughout the nation, your home doesn’t have to fall victim to the worst of the devastation. Using a metal building will increase the strength of your home, enabling it to endure many of the elemental forces posed against it. You also stand a chance to greatly improve your home’s longevity and value as well. Take a look at the wide variety of steel buildings to see which will best suit your purposes today.

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