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Discover How Airplane Hangars Can Protect Your Investment

airplane hangars

Whether you own one private plane, a jet, or several airplanes for commercial use, you have a tremendous investment in your love of flying. However, there are times when you are grounded and you need a quality airplane hangar to protect your investment. You can rent hangar space at an airport, but that means your plane is in the hands of others when you are away from it.

Owning your own airplane hangar allows you to control what (and who) the plane is exposed to every day. An airplane is a massive investment. You need to know that it is protected from the elements of nature, as well as the character of people. Owning, operating, and storing an airplane is no cheap endeavor. You need storage that is designed for your needs. Snow and rain can damage the plane that is in storage, which can lead to rust and a costly repair and mechanical failure. Quality steel buildings stand up to storms, hail, and strong winds. These steel airplane hangars are equipped with “Cool Roofs”. The roofs are painted in colors that reflect the solar rays (rather than absorbing the heat). Cool Roofs reduce power expenses and allow for a more comfortable temperature for people who use the building.

Fidelity Steel Buildings is an industry leader in steel buildings designed to fit the very specific needs of the owner. With every metal building contract, clients get years of experience in design and manufacturing. The manufacturing facility is efficient, with state of the art equipment. The team members are highly skilled and trained to adhere to quality standards that are above and beyond the industry standards. Unlike many other companies, Fidelity walks you through every detail and design until the perfect building plan is established. Some companies send you a kit and a set of directions. That does not happen with Fidelity Steel Buildings. Only you know if you are going to need additional space in the future, if the building is going to be where your airplane is serviced, and if the building may serve more than one purpose.They do not just offer a few designs and try to convince you that you can make it work.

What if you are not sure of what you need?

airplane hangars

With Fidelity Steel Buildings, you are working with professionals. The pros at Fidelity will help you with anything you are unclear about. Check their website for testimonials from satisfied customers. Look at the photo albums and see how the buildings are constructed and how beautiful they are when they are complete.

Fidelity Steel Buildings take care of all the permits and legalities. You will be informed every step of the way, as they are working for you on your terms.

Airplanes are a large investment, you need a building that will withstand wind, rain, direct sunlight and snow. Leaking buildings, lead to damaged equipment.

Your airplane is secure in your own hangar and you control who has access.

Why not rent a space?

airplane hangars

There are many reasons why aircraft owners want their own hangars. Here are few reasons that we often hear:

  • Owning your own hangar is convenient and comfortable.
  • Your airplane is secure even when you are away.
  • No tow-crew.
  • Metal buildings are cost effective.
  • Virtually no maintenance.
  • Avoid airport rules.
  • No rent or fees for snow removal, ice removal, or maintenance.

Benefits of steel airplane hangars made by Fidelity

airplane hangars

Made of the highest quality of commercial steel available (26 or 24 gauge GALVALUME Plus® panels). Click here to read the steel building standards.

  • Manufactured for easy and fast assembly.
  • Available in various colors to compliment the property.
  • Additional buildings can be added with a uniform look.
  • Built to order to meet customer specifications
  • Paint finish on panels and trim come with a 35-year warranty.
  • Wall panels and roof come with a 25-year warranty at no additional charge.
  • Delivery on time and under budget.
  • Made in the United States

Fidelity Steel Buildings operates at the highest standards. Every employee is trained to service our clients. They were established in 2004 with a commitment to always be honest, ethical, and transparent. From start to finish, every building they produce is designed around their strong core values. Those values guide their employees. We only do business with companies who have similar ethics and values. Every vendor, contractor, and supplier they do business with is held to their highest standards. When you work with Fidelity, you are treated with respect by the best metal building contractor in the industry.

If you are looking for a solution for the ground time of your airplane, call Fidelity Steel Buildings. There is no cost or obligation to purchase.

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