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Metal Building Construction As the Ultimate Solution To Your Building Needs

metal building construction

Metal is the material of choice for most commercial applications. But, metal buildings are also very popular for residential applications. Garages, workshops, barns, tool sheds, warehouses, places of worship, and storage buildings are often made of steel and many times are pre-manufactured for fast and easy construction. To understand the reasons why steel buildings are in such high demand, we look to industry leader, Fidelity Steel.

Why Metal Buildings?

metal building construction

When it comes to construction, there are many options. But no other material stands up to steel. Here are just a few reasons why metal buildings are usually the best option.

  • Value
    • Steel is generally the least expensive construction material available.
    • Metal buildings stand up to weather conditions.
    • Metal buildings are fireproof.
    • Insurance on metal buildings is usually less expensive.
    • Metal buildings are maintenance free.
  • Good for the country
    • Made in the United States of America.
    • High American manufacturing requirements
    • Creates jobs
  • Good for the planet
    • Metal buildings can be repurposed.
    • Metal buildings can be easily moved to different locations, doing away with the need for additional buildings.
    • Metal buildings are specifically manufactured to be energy efficient.
  • Quality
    • Metal building construction is a science. These buildings are designed by professional engineers and every detail is proven effective. While the buildings often serve multi-purposes, it is important to purchase the right metal building for your current and future needs.
    • Framing (primary and secondary) is a critical part of the overall quality of your construction.
    • Sealants and designs that work with the forces of nature keep the buildings weather-proof. This makes metal buildings resistant to damage from the sun, the wind, rain, or even hail. Metal buildings stand up to the punishment of the elements better than any other construction material.

Beauty and Versatility

Metal buildings are beautiful. They come in a variety of colors and finishes, and they are designed to satisfy your needs. These high-quality and energy efficient constructions are used for many purposes. Because of the strength of the steel used, buildings that require huge open spaces are easily constructed. The buildings do not require support that is needed in the center of the area. Wall space and height allow for shelving systems in commercial applications. A few examples of metal building construction that requires large, unobstructed areas are:

  • Churches, Mosques, Temples, and other places of worship
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Airplane hangers
  • Military barracks
  • Farm buildings and barns
  • Garages (from single to multiple cars)
  • Office buildings
  • Retail facilities
  • Storage facilities

The metal buildings are not a “one-size-fits-all”. Engineers design the facilities you need specifically to satisfy your requirements. Windows, roofs, doors, and other specifics will allow you to create the look you want with the quality you expect. You have color options to allow you to add buildings to your property that are aesthetically pleasing with the other structures on the sites.

Start to finish

metal building construction

It is important to choose the right company to assist you with these long-term investments. Experience matters. You want a company that specializes in the highest quality of both materials and production. They must care about you as a customer and be willing to go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

Many metal building contractors only offer a limited selection of “pre-fab kits”. They push you to buy a kit for a building that is close to what you need and then the building kit is shipped to you with a set of instructions. This is time-consuming and often frustrating for the buyer. While he may be capable of erecting the building, his business comes to a screeching halt until it is finished.

Opt for a company that will take the project from step one to completion. Pre-fab is a smart idea with the right company. It ensures you get what you need quickly and the professionals are in the facility so it saves time and money. But you should never feel you are on your own. The fact it, in any business the unexpected happens from time to time. From the placing of the order, through the shipping of the materials and until the buildings are erected in place on your property, your metal building provider should be involved and in control.

American Values and Standards

metal building construction

Americans expect the highest standards from those they do business with. We expect the best materials and transparency in the communication between the company and the client. Metal building construction is held to the highest industry standards. So what sets one supplier apart from another? The answer is the core values of the company.

Metal buildings are a great value and a quality product that lasts a lifetime. To secure a place as an industry leader in this field, a company must provide excellent service. They must be honest, and trustworthy. They are required to put the needs of the customer above all else. A lot of scheduling and planning goes into every building produced. Supplies are gathered, and quality control is exercised. While problems are rare (because of good planning) sometimes they happen. It is those times when a customer realizes who they are doing business with. Those rare moments allow the customer to look deeply into the basics of the company. This is where the rubber meets the road.

Regardless of the scope and scale of the project, you should be given the same respect and attention to detail. Once the professionals have helped you identify your needs a quote is provided at no cost to you. You will know how long production and delivery should take. The professionals will work with you to ensure there are no surprises. You arrange your schedule and workloads within a reasonable time frame.

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