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Why Fidelity?

Our Steel Roofing System

Fidelity Steel’s roofing system takes advantage of a purling bearing rib [PBR] roof panel system which provide for a full overlap of the corrugation.

Other buildings use an “R” panel system which only overlaps 1/3 of the way into the corrugation, lessening strength in the overlap and leads to a higher potential of leakage.

Fidelity Steel Mastic

Fidelity Steel goes the extra mile by providing 1″ double beaded mastic tape for application where the sheets overlap vertically as well as where the sheeting overlaps side by side to prevent leaks. When the screw is drilled into the sheeting, it will hit the mastic creating a seal on the screw completely preventing leaks. Other buildings use 3/8″ mastic tape on the side and vertical overlaps and neglect to provide a doubled beaded lock. This more narrow mastic serves to save the building provider money but leads to leaks when a screw misses the narrow mastic, less than half the width of Fidelity Steel’s.

Fidelity Steel’s Roof

Fidelity Steel has a 35-year rust through perforation warranty on the roof. Our roof material yield is 80,000 PSI, 26 gauge steel. Also available in 24 gauge. The roof is the most important part of your building, It takes the brunt of your weather. The competition often has a 20 year rust through perforation warranty and some use 29 gauge steel.

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