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Build Your Dream Hobby Garage

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Are you ready to build your dream garage? We’re not talking about a run-of-the-mill, last minute house addition garage. We’re talking about the fully featured, detached garage of your dreams, perfect for housing your vehicle or serving as your workshop for whatever hobbies you like to stay up to date on. Chances are you’ve considered it in the past, but didn’t know where to start or what steps you’d have to take to get it done. Look no further, today we’re going to get our feet wet and show you why a steel garage is the next big project you should be undertaking.

What Is A Steel Garage?

steel garage

The name is somewhat self-explanatory but still requires some background to grasp fully. We already know that a garage is where we normally park our cars, and we know that one made out of steel casts aside traditional garage building materials like wood in favor of something sturdier. What other differences could there be between the two?

It’s easy to overlook, but the fact they’re made from different materials also means that the construction process for each is slightly different. When building a traditional wooden garage, there’s quite a bit involved. There are permits to obtain, plans to draw up, and loads of materials to acquire (and that’s just the first part). You’ll be making use of a lot of wood to create your framing, and you’ll need to hire contractors and perhaps even subcontractors to handle things like pouring the foundation or handling the roofing.

Don’t get us wrong, the finished product of a finely crafted wooden garage can look very nice, but there’s a lot of time and money involved. Time and money that could have been more judiciously spent on a metal garage construction project that might have netted you more garage for less of an investment, and the prefabricated structure of a steel garage might have made the process simpler to boot.

Instead of ordering up a bunch of steel and having to cut or fit it together yourself, steel garage plans are prefabricated based on standard specifications. This allows for several advantages. In addition to cutting down on the overall price of a construction project, using prefabricated steel also cuts down on the time it takes to complete construction. Completing the job is just a matter of shipping the prefabricated parts to the work site, then having a skilled crew handle creating the foundation and fitting them together. It’s a great way to build, but the building process itself isn’t the only reason you should prefer steel.

Why Would I Want A Steel Garage?

steel garage

Steel itself makes for a superior building material to old-fashioned wood, especially when it comes to your garage. Steel is stronger, more resistant, and greener to boot.

How strong is steel? It’s twice as dense as aluminum and much more sturdy. With steel, you can span greater distances with less material, and hold up greater weights all the same. Steel’s tensile strength, that is, its ability to withstand loads, is quite high when considering it relative to the cost of steel, making it a valuable building material indeed. Steel’s strength goes beyond just the ability to bear weight, though.

Steel is also resistant to many of the forces that would degrade a wooden structure. Wind, water, corrosion, heat, etc. Even termites are no match for a well-built steel garage. Creating a building from steel gives you a greater assurance that the building will be standing for years to come. The average life spans of steel buildings are measured in many decades, which is why many come with warranties that can exceed 30-40 years.

Then there’s the inescapable fact that steel buildings are some of the most eco-conscious around. Not only can steel constructions be formed to adhere to many of the most stringent environmental standards, the fact that much less building material is required to create them helps to cut down on any potential waste. Steel buildings can come equipped with something known as a cool roof design, which keeps the building from overheating by combining light color options and smart material design. The result is a building that uses less energy and is less of a drain on the surrounding ecosystem. A building with a cool roof can limit the need to run the AC by 15-25%, a considerable savings in energy costs as well.

To top it off, steel is recyclable. In fact, its one of the most recycled compounds on earth, as 100% of all steel can be given new life. Steel that has been recycled does not lose its quality, so it can continue in new forms providing the same level of value as it did before, continuously. There’s simply no reason not to take a look at steel if you’ve got a garage project you want to finish and you want the best result possible.

How Can Fidelity Steel Help?

steel garage

Fidelity Steel takes the advantages afforded by the steel construction process and ramps them up to the next level. For instance, they use the highest quality steel that they can in their manufacturing process, that has a greater level of strength than the steel preferred by some other manufacturers. They are masters in green design and keeping building environmentally friendly, resulting in structures that will keep both the environment and your wallet in good shape.

Then there’s the fact that, while they have such a dedication to standardization in their construction process, they also value customization and can alter details at your request to better conform to your final vision. Buildings can be painted to fit your personal aesthetic, and other demands can be met to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Fidelity Steel touts that they have “experience at every phase” of the building process, and it is no mere exaggeration. From start to finish, they give it their all to ensure that their customers are well taken care of, and will most assuredly handle as much as they can to make the experience a positive one. See what others have to say about this highly rated outfit, and decide for yourself what they could do for you and your garage construction project.

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