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Metal Buildings New York


Fidelity Steel is proud to serve all of your steel building needs in the great state of New York. From a workshop or garage to compliment your house, to farm buildings for agricultural needs, to business owners looking to expand their commercial or retail space, we’ve got you covered.

Choosing our company as your steel contractor in NY comes with a lot of benefits. While plenty of companies stick with traditional construction methods such as wood, stone, or brick, more and more people are realizing the upsides to steel construction. The cost of the materials stands cheaper by far, but we go another step further with green building design. Not only does this save you cost now, but it saves on utilities down the road, too. We also offer cool roofing options that reduce the costs of heating and cooling, while benefiting the surrounding environment at the same time by improving air quality, and more.

Our quality is found in both our workers and our product. We instill the values we were founded on in each and every employee: integrity, sincerity honesty, accountability, reliability, and a strong work ethic. We believe in honest, and good business. As for our materials, we use only the highest quality parts available. Utilizing purlins, girts, and straight walls, our designs are practical and cut out pieces that only raise the cost. Using only experts through every phase of the process, you can rest easy knowing that your building will be something to you can be proud of.

Our steel buildings are fully customizable. Your project is unique, and we appreciate that. With options on lighting, windows, layout, rooms, beam-free designs, and more, we help you see your ideas come to life. Keeping you in control, we also make sure to consult you at every step to ensure the job is done the way you want it to be. We offer on site construction in New York that can tackle any obstacle. These aren’t just a few designs sold as all-purpose structures. Each building is it’s own style to best suit your needs.

Our initial consultations are absolutely free, and we are happy to bring you several quotes to find something suitable for your budget. Now that you know the benefits of using metal buildings in NY, give Fidelity Steel a call today, and see what we can do for you!

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