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Commercial office space is an up-and-coming application for steel buildings due to the increased customization, lower costs, and faster build time.

If you’re looking for high quality, cost efficient, metal commercial office space, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Fidelity Steel, we specialize in accommodating commercial needs because we understand just how important the perfect working environment is to your business and your employees.  Commercial steel buildings can be customized to fit your specific office building space needs – from things such as kitchen and bathroom location to smaller details such as building colors. Metal as the preferred choice for commercial building construction, is fast becoming the only choice for businesses.

Steel commercial buildings are on the rise in several industries. They offer increased customization to other options, save on building and utility cost, and have a much faster construction time. Several companies are opting into this superior choice through Fidelity Steel, and here’s why…

  • Customizable features are abundant. From the layout to the size, windows, lighting options, accommodations for break rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, storage rooms, and various color options, there is the freedom to create a unique structure.
  • High quality materials are made to last. Our products will not rust, nor will they leak as time goes on. Even our washers for our screws are made to last you decades upon decades.
  • Trained experts are used through every step of the process. So you know the job will be done right.
  • You remain in control of your project. At each and every step, we consult you before continuing. This truly ensures that you get the building you had in mind.
  • Green construction saves cost now, and on utilities such as electricity down the road. Our products are Energy Star® certified.
  • Cool roofing options dramatically decrease heating and cooling costs throughout the year.
  • Prefabricated options save cost on delivery of materials, workers, and labor.
  • We work with you to find the best option for your project, and your budget. We’re not here to sell you the most expensive building, we’re here to build something you are going to love.
  • Using straight walls, you can utilize every inch of the inside of your construct.
  • Our initial consultations and quotes are free.
  • We follow retailers around the country to complete their expansion needs, and steel buildings are easy to expand upon if you need more space later on.
  • A long standing history of building quality into our products.
  • We acquire the necessary permits, and approvals, for you.
  • Warranties on your roof and paint come standard with every project, at no extra charge.
  • Always on time, we work quickly and efficiently.

You don’t have to take our word for it. See what our customers have to say about us on our testimonials page. Call us today, and find out what Fidelity Steel can do for your business.

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