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Steel Office Buildings, The Fidelity Steel Way

steel office buildings

If you are in search of an office building that is chock full of accommodations, a great work environment, and as green as they come then look no further. Fidelity Steel’s turn-key style buildings are the perfect solution for your company’s needs. Why choose our buildings over our competitor’s? It’s a great question, with several great answers.

Quality Comes First

steel office buildings

Our workers undergo training that focuses on integrity, honesty, and accountability. They’re what we founded this company on, and we feel that they are essential to good business practice. From start to finish, we work with you to create the exact building you are looking for, without cutting corners or shaving time to sacrifice quality. Every member of our team is highly experienced, knowledgeable, skilled, and equipped with the expertise needed to create top notch designs that are guaranteed to satisfy our customers.

The materials we use are nothing short of the best, so you know that you’re getting every penny’s worth of what you pay for. Our fasteners will stay shiny as they do not rust or oxidize, and we back that up with a lifetime warranty on them! We utilize 24 and 26 gauge Galvalume Plus steel, the toughest around, as well as universal purlins and girts that save money and hassle on unnecessary parts. From our employees to our steel, we can’t be beat.

Purposeful Design

steel office buildings

All of our buildings are environmentally friendly, and as green as they come. In this industry it is just as important to create durable structures as it is to enhance and protect our ecosystems. It is imperative to us to reduce solid waste and conserve natural resources. Our building designs help to reduce operating costs, enhance the asset’s value and profits, optimize life-cycle economic performance, and improve your employee’s productivity and satisfaction with a healthy, comfortable and efficient workspace. We also utilize cool roofing designs that improve the air quality while saving you money on utilities throughout the year, such as cooling and heating. What’s even better is that our roofs top the competition’s usual 20 year limited warranties with our 35 year rust through perforation warranty.

What really makes our designs stand out is the way we build them. Some companies choose to use an “R” panel system that only overlaps 1/3 of the way backing it up with a thin layer of mastic tape that saves them money, but leaves you with leaks down the road. Not us, though! We go the extra mile with 1″ thick (that’s twice as much) mastic at every overlapping, whether it’s side by side or vertical. When we drill in the screws this hefty mastic tape creates a seal that protects against the damaging effects of weather.

Every building we create is Energy Star certified, and we can even help you obtain your LEED certification that can net you governmental incentives. A green building is a great building!

Tough as Nails

steel office buildings

There is no project, or obstacle, that we cannot tackle. Combining our knowledge and best practices we guarantee to deliver results that you will be proud of. Adhering to project schedules, we take on the weather to ensure a timely finish. Our track record shows that record rains and snow have never slowed our crews down. They can handle it! We have met tight deadlines, met material availability challenges, overcame permit and regulation hassles, and have even battled the issue of long lead times for materials. With our decades of experience, problems in construction are a thing of the past. Our expert crews can handle the entire building process from start to finish.

You Are In Control

steel office buildings

That’s right! This is your project, and we want the finished product to be exactly what you had in mind. Our professional architects and engineers prepare the drawing to meet the visual of your building. Then, our estimators and construction managers create an estimate and a time schedule for completion. We take occupancy loads, your company’s image, your time frames, and any potential expansions into account. At each and every step we take the time to consult you, and make sure that we are creating the perfect building for your needs. We’re working for you, and we want our boss to be happy with our work!

Our Steel Office Buildings

Now that you know more about us and what we do, the real question is what benefits can we provide in an office building?

We create comfortable and flexible spaces for any needed room in an office. Cubicles, conference rooms, break rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, server storage areas, and any other rooms your building may need are discussed with you and built appropriately. We understand that every company’s needs are specific, which is why we work with you to accommodate those needs. We offer full customization including a variety of ceiling lights, windows, doors, building colors, and more to ensure a unique, stylish, and cost effective structure.

An important aspect anyone looking to create a new office space is looking for is something that will save them cost. That’s the real benefit to choosing steel. It is cheaper than wood, brick, or stone while remaining far more durable. It’s ability to be erected in half the time saves you cost on construction and labor, as well as cost down the road on maintenance and utilities. Another aspect that many enjoy is the ease of creating uniform structures that create or match the perfect look of your company.

Choosing the Best

When you choose Fidelity Steel to construct your office building, you are choosing top notch quality, the best designs, a tough as nails crew with integrity, decades worth of skill and knowledge, and the ability to be in control of your project. We are dedicated to your satisfaction, and wholly committed to delivering nothing but the best in construction. Now that you know a little more, you can take the first step to seeing your building come to life…pricing your building! Our initial consultations are free, and our friendly technicians are will respond to your inquiry in a timely manner.

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