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Why Fidelity?

Steel Building Systems

Fidelity Steel Building Systems are engineered to be erector-friendly. Our Steel Buildings go up without problems or delays because we use universal purlins and girts to eliminate unnecessary parts. Our endwalls are very easy to erect Fewer parts and less bolting saves time and money, and gets your building up faster.

When you select one of our Fidelity Steel Building Systems, through-fastened, 26 or 24 gauge GALVALUME Plus® panels, you get a great looking, high quality panel that comes in a selection of twelve attractive colors.

Fidelity Steel Building Systems Offer the BEST VALUE in the Industry!
  • Galvanized secondary structural system: Purlins, girts, angles and framed openings.
  • Purlin and girt clips shop welded for ease of erection.
  • Grey oxide primer on primary structural system.
  • 35-Year Warranty Paint Finish is standard on all Panels and Trim.
  • PVDF resin-based finish over Galvalume® substrate (not galvanized).
  • 25 Year Limited Warranty roof and wall panel warranty at no extra charge.
  • All trim available in standard colors.
  • Standard trim lengths – 16′ 3″ and 20′ 3″.
  • Structural channel framed openings available for heavy-duty applications.
  • Completely factory assembled personnel doors and windows – including subframe and required hardware.
  • Full line of building accessories and components.
  • Storage Solutions available to meet your customers’ self-storage needs.
  • Retro-Ease retrofit roof system available to accommodate your needs.
  • Delivery anywhere!
Steel Building Systems Framing Types
  • Rigid Frame (RF) (up to 200′ clear)
  • Rigid Frame Multi-Span (RF-1) (up to 600′ wide)
  • Tapered Beam (TB) (thru 60′ wide)
  • Single Slope (SS) (up to 150′ clear)
  • Single Slope Multi-Span (SS) (up to 600′ wide)
  • Lean-to (LT) (thru 20′ wide)
Standard Steel Building Systems Seam-Lok Standing Seam Roof

Fidelity Steel’s standing seam roof systems blend the aesthetics of an architectural panel with the strength of a standard panel. These panels have earned UL90 ratings assuring the reliability of performance in Steel Building Systems. The designer is afforded a flexible tool to meet any design challenge. Seam-Lok Standing Seam Roof System Steel Building System Accessories

  • Pre-Hung Personnel Doors
  • Windows
  • Base Templates
  • Liner Panel
  • Insulation
  • Roof Ventilators
  • Lite Panels
  • Louvers
Fidelity Is Steel Green

Environmental Benefits of Our Steel Building Systems

  • Enhance and protect ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Improve air and water quality
  • Reduce solid waste
  • Conserve natural resources
Economic Benefits
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Enhance asset value and profits
  • Improve employee productivity and satisfaction
  • Optimize life-cycle economic performance
Health and Community Benefits
  • Improve air, thermal, and acoustic environments
  • Enhance occupant comfort and health
  • Minimize strain on local infrastructure
  • Contribute to overall quality of life

Fidelity Steel Buildings can supply your company the strongest, most efficient and most corrosive-resistant metal buildings on the market today! Backed up with the best Warranty in the business, your company is guaranteed to benefit from their functionality. We offer a wide range of rigid frame clear span building sizes. None, too large or too complex, for Fidelity Steel to provide! Here are just a few of the building usages:

  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Self-Storage Units
  • Airplane Hangars
  • Agricultural Storage And Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Recreational Facilities

Fidelity Steel Steel Buildings are designed with the contractor in mind. Our Pre-Engineered Steel Building Systems will make you look good with these added benefits:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Easy To Follow, Erection & Detail Manual
  • Easy To Follow, Erection & Detail Manual
  • Fast and Straightforward Construction
  • On-Time Manufacturing and Delivery of Buildings
  • Environmentally Friendly Cool Roof Panels and Products
  • Energy Star Rated
  • Many Additional Building Components Available

If you need a contractor to erect your Steel Building System, Fidelity Steel Construction can provide you with all the Installation services you need in a fast, reliable manner. Turn Key Project Management is available. When someone says “metal building,” many still think of Quonset huts, the pre-fabricated steel buildings that most people associate with Second World War era army barracks. But modern techniques, materials and laboratory testing ensure that today’s metal buildings are every bit as attractive and energy-efficient as their conventional counterparts. In fact, metal buildings often provide superior sustainability and cost-savings for building owners. “Metal roofs and walls offer an unbeatable level of environmental performance and aesthetic appeal,” concluded an industry report based on a U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) continuing education program. “They are sustainable, have low-impact on the environment, reduce solid waste in construction, help reduce energy usage in all climates, and improve the air quality and water efficiency in buildings and their surroundings. They can be applied to all types of buildings in any climate, and offer designers and building owners a variety of visible options and behind the scene operating benefits.” The message for people in the metal construction industry and property owners is simple. Building attractive, safe and energy-efficient buildings has never been more important. The good news for property owners is that metal buildings today are the right choice for cost-effective, expeditious construction, particularly in markets where there is demand for quality, quickly delivered buildings. And metal buildings will stand the test of time. If smart metal building decisions are made now, property owners will have structures that retain value long after initial building utilization plans are changed. Responsible industrial planning ensures actions are being taken today that won’t inhibit the opportunities of future generations. That’s the essence of sustainability – and the reason why more people are building green. Because buildings account for such a significant amount of the energy consumed in the world, choosing materials and designs with sustainability benefits provides one of the biggest opportunities for the environmentally conscious. Cutting-edge metal manufacturing companies can combine green technology practices with systems construction efficiencies to make sustainable building more affordable than ever. Advanced engineering practices allow metal building design to make the most efficient use of raw materials, virtually eliminating waste. Through extensive testing and computer modeling, the amount of steel utilized can be used while still meeting the most stringent building codes. In many instances, lighter weight structures can also reduce the size of footings and foundations, reducing the amount of concrete and steel used. Steel is the proven standard in the effort to create sustainable architecture. In addition to being 100 per cent recyclable and reusable, steel can reduce utility costs, lifetime maintenance and the amount of waste material created. In terms of recyclability, recycled content and ecosystem depletion from production to end of life reuse, metal construction leads the way in green design. Best of all, the end product is attractive, quicker to erect and more cost-effective. As your single-source steel building contractor. Fidelity Steel delivers strict, unified management and control over every hour of construction. With all disciplines under one command, working to the same integrated schedule, we deliver high quality work, efficiency, and predictability.


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