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Steel Construction West Virginia


Over the years, experience is gained as quality improves. When it comes to construction, these two things make a world of difference. Here at Fidelity Steel, we use only the best materials, expert workers, and business practices to ensure a job well done, and a pleasant experience. While several companies stick with traditional methods like brick, wood, or stone, there are more people everyday discovering the benefits of steel construction for both personal and professional needs. There are several reasons why you can rely on us as your WV metal building contractor. Take a look at some things that make our designs the best.

Getting Started

  • Several decades of know how go into each and every step, from the ground up
  • Free initial consultations
  • Plenty of quotes to choose from, and stay within your budget
  • Keeping you in control, we work with you through design, development, and the construction plan
  • We secure all the permits, and approvals, necessary to get things started
  • There are plenty of customizable options to choose from to make your building unique, such as lighting, windows, rooms, beamless designs, and more
  • We are always on time, and highly efficient

The Guts

  • Straight walls allow you to utilize every inch of interior space
  • Frame columns and rafters offer incredibly sturdy, spacious buildings
  • Solid I-beam construction for maximum durability
  • 50,000 p.s.i. yield strength, higher than the standard 35,000
  • High quality parts from the steel itself, to the screws, to the washers. Ensuring a rust free, leak free design
  • Girts and purlins that eliminate the need for unnecessary parts that only raise costs
  • Eave Strut for added West Virginia weather protection
  • Sheeting angles for easy installation, saving you time and money
  • Much, much more

The Outer Workings

  • Variety of colors
  • Trim and flashing
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Galvalume coating
  • 80,000 p.s.i. yield standard for sheeting
  • Weather tight sealant, closures, and ridge caps

The Benefit of Fidelity Steel

Proudly serving West Virginia, we combine our quality with our expertise to bring you the best product possible. Utilizing our highly trained employees that take pride in their work, we create the perfect building to suit your needs. With you in control, your unique project will always be exactly what you are looking for, while meeting your budget without cutting corners. Be sure to take a look at our green building design to see how you can save money now, and later on through utilities such as lighting, heating, and cooling. When it comes to steel construction in WV, we’re a step above the rest. Call us for a free consultation today, and see what we can do for you!

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