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Metal Garages


A garage … simply a place to keep your car safe from the elements and out of the open. Or is it? Perhaps it is a place where you keep your tools, and a workbench. It could be where you store outdoor furniture in the winter time. Then again, it could simply be a nice space for storing anything that just doesn’t quite fit in your house. Whatever uses you might think of, having a garage can be very beneficial. However, the price tag on one can be horrifying! Especially if you have specific needs that require customization. So how can you get the garage you’ve been dreaming of without draining your savings? Simple, Fidelity Steel.

Quality You Can Count On

When people think about building any kind of structure, they often think of wood, brick, or stone. These methods are falling to the wayside as more and more individuals are realizing the benefits offered by steel buildings. They are durable, and made to withstand rain, snow, hail, and other weather conditions. Here at Fidelity Steel, we use top notch, high quality materials all the way down to the washers on our screws, which means you won’t have to worry about rust, or leaks. We employ expert workers through each step of the process, insuring you the best product possible. We also acquire the necessary certifications and approvals, and truly do the job from start to finish in a timely manner. There are no obstacles that we cannot overcome.

Construction With You at the Helm

One of the greatest things about building a metal garage with Fidelity Steel is that you are in control. We offer complete customization to help you create that unique building you are looking for. With features like lights, windows, and color options, you can really get creative. Throughout every part of the process, we make sure to consult you so the job is done right. We do not offer the same few building types and sell them as all purpose structures. They are designed how you want them to be, so your needs are met.


Using straight walls, you will be able to utilize every inch of the interior. Our garage designs are proven to stand the test of time. Our metal structures can be built without beams getting in the way, as well. Furthermore, we use green building techniques. These save cost for you now, and down the road on utilities. We offer cool roofing options, which dramatically save on the heating and cooling of your garage, and have several energy efficient certifications. Our economical designs are perfect for the environment, and your budget.

Learning More

Feel free to browse through our site to see what goes into making you a quality metal garage, customer testimonials, and customizable options. Our initial consultations are free, and we’re happy to offer you several quotes to find something that works best for you. Give Fidelity Steel a call today to see what we can do for you!

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