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To Store or Not To Store

Everyone seems to have more and more things that need a home, separate from the house they live in. A place where it’s out from under foot, out of the elements, kept safe, and easily accessible when needed.

This might apply to you as well. Could it be that your musical instruments are more than your basement studio can handle at the moment? Maybe you’ve been stockpiling tools in your garage workspace, and it’s getting to be too much? Perhaps your antique collection is outgrowing that guest room you’d been using for storage?

Whatever the reason, you need more room than you currently have. One common solution that many Americans opt for is renting a storage unit. It’s easy to see why, as storage units provide some undeniable benefits. Before you rush out to rent one, though, you may want to consider an alternative – prefabricated steel buildings.

Why Rent A Storage Unit?

They are a great option for people who are renting a property, only have a small amount of land, or need something short term. If you are in an apartment, you have few options, as you have no lot of your own. If you are renting a lot, you can’t build anything on it. If you have a lot, but it’s tiny, you won’t have the space to build your unit on it. Alternatively, if you have a spacious lot, but the HOA is restrictive, you may not be able to build any storage. In these instances, the drawbacks of renting an off-site storage unit are worth enduring.


The number one downside is the fees associated with renting a unit. Even smaller units may run $50 or more a month. Over time, that cost adds up. $600 in the first year. $1200 after the second. You could be investing that money into your home or business instead. If you get behind on payments, you could lose the unit and whatever property you had stored inside.

Storage units are off-site, so you don’t have immediate access to your things. You have to drive to the unit and make special arrangements to move larger items there. If you’re using that unit to store important items for your business, like music equipment, you’re putting yourself at a significant disadvantage.

Your stuff could get stolen. Though many storage facilities market themselves as “enhanced security,” there’s still significant risk. Sure, they have fences, locks, and cameras, but many facilities lack personnel. The lack of security guards at these locations makes them more attractive to savvy thieves.

To top it off, your delicate items could get destroyed while in storage. Inside a normal storage unit, the extreme variances of heat, cold, and other conditions take their toll on your belongings. Warping, cracking, moisture damage, mold, and weathering are all real dangers. For sensitive antiques and electronics, this could spell the end. Climate controlled units can mitigate the risk, but they are much more expensive than normal units.

The Alternative

Turn-key metal buildings provide another option. These large steel structures are pre-cut and pre-drilled. The manufacturer has already done the hard part, leaving you to find an area to erect one, and put it together. This method is attractive for several reasons:

They are quick to assemble. With the proper tools and crew, you can have it up in no time at all. In some situations, the manufacturer can even handle parts of the construction for you as well. In the case of our buildings, we can handle the entire process from start to finish. We’ll make use of our experience to ensure that your steel prefab is up fast and put together right.

Steel prefabs are tough. Steel is resistant to environmental factors that would damage other materials. It is also capable of supporting large amounts of weight. Our buildings take that toughness to a new level. If you look at some of our building stats, you’ll find that we use stronger construction materials and superior construction methods to optimize their durability.

Using a prefab steel building is cost effective. Numerous estimates show that choosing steel buildings over other types provides savings in construction. Long term, steel buildings require less maintenance, increasing the amount of money you keep in your pocket. Plus, you have ownership of the building. Instead of spending monthly fees on an off-site building over which you have limited control, you make an upfront investment into a building that is all yours.


Which brings up another advantage: steel prefabs are completely customizable. During the initial planning phases, we can alter any of our pre-engineered designs to suit your specific size needs. When the construction is complete, you can decorate the interior of your building however you want. If you built it with a purpose in mind, gear it towards that purpose, whatever it may be.

Who Are Steel Prefabs For?

If you are operating any home based venture that requires the extra room, you will benefit from a steel prefab. Let’s say, for instance, that you have a small business and you need a place to store your equipment. The steel storage area is ideal, as it provides plenty of room and easy access to your tools so that you can get to work when you need to.

If you had considered expanding your home music studio, a steel prefab would provide the perfect space to do so. Not only could you set up all of your equipment, but you can also customize the interior of the prefab to trap sound, sparing your family (and your neighbors) eardrums. You could even rent that space out to local bands looking for a place to practice.


The possibilities with steel buildings are only limited by your imagination. If your gear is piling up and you’ve been mulling over ways to store it, steel is the way to go. As long as you have space, you gain the benefit of a durable, customizable space that you can construct without hassle. It’s the solution for small businesses and rapidly expanding hobbyists alike!

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