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The Advantages of Prefab Metal Buildings

So, you’re looking to get started on your next project. Maybe you need a new shed, storage space, a workshop, or a garage. Whatever the case may be, you’ve surely looked into several options when it comes to the construction of your new space. The term “prefab metal buildings” has certainly come up during your search. Maybe you know all about it, maybe you’re new to the concept. Either way, there are several advantages to this building style. Take a look.

What Is A Prefab Metal Building?

Prefab Metal Buildings

If you’re new to the term, it’s important to understand what it means. In short, it means a large amount of the construction is done in the company’s factory before arriving to the building site. To be more specific, they are design configurations that are specially engineered to fit together in a variety of combinations and meet the requirements of specific uses. You might also see them called DIY (Do It Yourself) Buildings as well. This term is almost applied to steel construction. Simple enough, right?

They offer plenty of advantages to traditional building methods, such as:

A Shorter Construction Time

The workload that goes into wood, brick, or stone is easily cut in half when opting for prefab steel. These pre-built components are very easily put together, making assembly a simple task for you and two good friends. While you and the boys would have to start from scratch otherwise, the bulk of the steel work has already been done at the factory. In a short weekend, you guys can tackle this project and enjoy the fruits of your labors. It saves you valuable time, and allows your project to fit more easily into your schedule.

It’s Cost Effective

Prefab Metal Buildings

Compared to every other method available to you, this one is the cheapest. This comes from less tools required to erect the structure, less labor (if you should need any based on the size), and the cost of steel being significantly less than other building materials. Your wallet will thank you, but don’t think that a cheaper cost means a cheaper product.

Durability and Longevity

Sure, it’s cheaper, but steel is proven to be stronger than stone or brick construction. It can stand up to extreme weather such as hurricane winds, the heaviest of snows, and the seismic activity from earthquakes. Unlike wood, termites and other pests can’t make their home inside your walls. You won’t find cracks, splits, or rot, either. Steel structures are coated with Galvalume, ensuring they won’t turn into a pile of rust. Your building is going to last you decades, and manufacturers include a warranty to back that up. Not only are you making the best investment, it’s already protected. Should something ever happen, it’s good to know that insurance companies offer great discounts for steel buildings due to their high level of durability.

Minimal Maintenance


There’s no such thing as a maintenance free building, but this is about as close as it gets. There’s really no upkeep required for the steel itself. Maybe give the walls a wash with soap and water now and again, but other than that you’ll only have to clean what you put into it. Less work = less hassle = a load off of your mind.


Many think that a steel building on their property is going to look like, well, a steel building. That might have been the way things used to be, but not anymore. Nowadays you can pick an attractive finish to match existing structures on your property, or opt to add exterior coverings that match your house. The possibilities are nearly endless. Furthermore, they can be pre-cut for windows, doors, AC systems, power supplies, and more, making your project as unique as you’d like it. Down the road, it’s going to be easy to add on to the structure if you’d like to. In fact, it’s just as easy as the initial assembly. All of this allows you to really make the project your own, just as if you were doing the construction yourself.

Environmentally Friendly

Prefab Metal Buildings

All American steel is 100% recyclable, and has usually been recycled already. The use of the materials is highly efficient, and each building has an incredibly long lifetime. Paint and coating are now eco-friendly, you won’t find the pollutant releasing chemicals that wooden coatings rely on. Opt for a cool roofing option and you’ll help reduce the “heat island effect”, effectively bettering the quality of air and lessening you cooling and heating bills while saving energy. Your new structure will qualify for LEED certification, and be Energy Star approved. It’s a win for you and mother nature.

In Conclusion

Prefab metal buildings offer a variety of advantages to your project. Their cost effective, time saving, and environmentally friendly designs save you both time and money, while their durability offers you a product that will last you a lifetime. You can’t go wrong with the prefab option.

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