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The Advantages of a Portable Carport vs. Waterproof Car Cover


You’ve finally decided that enough is enough. You’re going to do everything in your power to take care of your beautiful, sparkling ride. Your car is your favorite possession on this planet and you’re sick and tired of keeping it exposed to the hazards of everyday life and you’re finally ready to do something about it.

If you do not have access to a steel garage, or perhaps a green building design, there are ways to keep your favorite car protected and safe. One way is to buy a top-of-the-line waterproof car cover to keep it sheltered from the elements and other aspects of day-to-day life. Another option is to buy a portable carport and use it to protect your baby from the harsh hazards that we all have to contend with every day.

So don’t fear because you definitely have options. Keep reading to find out more about the differences between these options so you can make an informed decision and choose wisely to keep your gorgeous car safe at all times when you’re not driving it.

The Advantages of Owning a Waterproof Car Cover


Owning a waterproof car cover definitely has its advantages. You already know the obvious advantages like protection against the elements (i.e. inclement weather, sun exposure, etc.) and the fact that it’s cheaper than a portable carport. We’d like to present the not so obvious benefits to you today to really help you make the perfect decision.

The main advantages to owning a waterproof car cover other than the most obvious ones include:

  • Keeps your car safe from scratches, dings, and dents – when your car is not kept in a garage, it is exposed to all sorts of potential dangers. You may not believe this, but if you get a thick and heavy enough waterproof car cover, you can actually protect your vehicle against minor scratches, dents, and dings. The thick cover will act as a barrier of protection in the event that another vehicle was to accidentally bump into your vehicle while you are parked. Plus, it even helps act as a deterrent to local neighborhood hooligans that might think it’s funny to intentionally damage your car by keying it up.
  • It protects your vehicle as a theft deterrent – if a car snatcher happens to be prowling through your neighborhood looking for a vehicle to steal, he or she is going to be wary of attempting to steal your vehicle for a couple of different reasons. For starters, the waterproof car cover will make it impossible for the criminal to know the make and model of your vehicle unless they physically get out of their car and pull off the cover to take a look. Plus, the cover technically acts as a second layer of protection because the crook will physically need to remove the cover in order to steal it and it makes it just a little bit harder for criminals to do their unscrupulous work.
  • It helps preserve the retail value of your vehicle – by keeping your car, truck, SUV or any other vehicle for that matter covered, you are keeping it protected from the elements and ultimately preserving the retail value of your car. This is good because you’ll get more money for it when you finally decide to sell it. Or, if you prefer to trade it in toward your next vehicle purchase, the car manufacturer will give you more money on the trade-in because you kept your car in amazing condition. The cover keeps your paint safe so that it does not fade from the sun. The vehicle is protected from scratches, dents and dings and other forms of potential minor damage. This all adds up to higher resale values in the future, so it’s good that you’ve done everything in your power to keep your vehicle safe and secure.

The Advantages of Owning a Portable Carport


Just like owning a waterproof car cover, there are many wonderful advantages to keeping your vehicle safe and protected under a portable carport while you aren’t driving it. And just like in the first example, we’ll do our best to avoid the obvious advantages and stick to those that might not stand out in your mind as much.

The biggest advantages of owning a portable carport that aren’t too obvious include:

  • No need to receive a special permit for your portable carport – while there are certain carports that do require special permits, we recommend choosing a portable carport instead. This option allows you to keep your vehicle safe from certain elements while avoiding the unhappy experience of having to go through the process of getting a permit from your local government. If you choose the right portable option, there is no need to get a permit whatsoever because it isn’t a requirement.
  • No need to dig a trench and pour a foundation – the best advantage of portable carports is that you can move them around from one location to another. There’s no need to pour a foundation in order to keep the carport stable. It is capable of protecting your vehicle without any assistance from a foundation whatsoever.
  • Speedy installation – it’s really easy to erect a portable carport. As a matter fact, when compared to other car shelters, it’s the quickest option available to protect your vehicle. And the best part is that you can buy a kit that will supply all of the necessary parts, so there’s no need to purchase any additional pieces in order to set it up when you are ready.
  • Can be used for multiple purposes – the obvious reason to purchase a portable carport is to protect your vehicle from outside elements. But it can also act as an outdoor canopy. Many people use their portable carports to shelter tables and other party supplies during an outdoor event.


As you can see, portable carports and waterproof car covers certainly have their benefits. Take a look at the advantages that each form of protection provides and choose wisely and pick the one that best meets your specific needs.

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