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Reasons To Build A Metal Garage Building

metal garage building

There are many reasons to invest in a metal garage building. Here are just a few of the reasons we will explore:

  • Metal garage buildings usually cost much less than other building options.
  • Metal buildings are built faster
  • Fire resistance
  • Maintenance and upkeep costs are virtually eliminated.
  • Metal structures increase your property values.
  • They are safer against the problems of nature.
  • Insurance savings

Building costs

metal garage building

Of course, there are many factors that affect the price of your metal garage. This includes the size of the structure and the features you require. Metal garage buildings are easily customized from square footage to storage, to lighting. However, the price of construction is a once-in-a-lifetime expense. Unlike other materials, steel will last for decades with no need of replacement due to deterioration. With no beams to block the center use of the structure and the ability to add storage, shelving and other methods of creating the workspace and storage space you need, you save money. Your metal garage building can actually replace several separate buildings of lesser value. Because there are fewer materials needed to construct a metal building, it reduces the carbon footprint the construction leaves on the planet.

Speed of construction

The science behind designing the perfect steel building in the manufacturing facility makes it easy to handle any manufacturing issues immediately with designers and engineers on site. When the building is ready to be constructed, it goes up much faster than traditional wood, or brick and mortar structures. The metal garage is constructed seamlessly with less labor expense. The materials involved in the construction are not hampered by temperature.

Garage Fires

metal garage building

A study conducted by the FEMA Administration covering years 2009-2011, reported there are an estimated 6600 residential garage fires annually in the United States. These fires claimed the lives of around 30 people per year and injured hundreds of others. The financial loss of property costs over 450 million dollars. When you look at these numbers, you realize the importance of a metal garage. We do not realize how much time we spend in our garages and the types of projects we complete there We store chemicals, fuels, tools, and power sources in our garages. We use these buildings to store automobiles, lawn equipment, and other machines that can easily spark a fire. The loss of the building is staggering, but when the loss reaches the people who live there, it is devastating. If nothing else points you to the value of a metal garage, please consider this. Automobiles, buildings, tools, and storage can be replaced. But lives cannot be replaced and sometimes injuries cannot be recovered from.


Steel garage buildings are manufactured by expert craftsmen of the finest steel available in the world. They are eco-friendly and save power, water, and are recyclable. They Come with a 40-year rust through warranty and they never need painting. They will not mildew, mold, rot, or deteriorate. They stand up to the harshest weather conditions. The strongest of winds, rains, snow, ice, and scorching sunlight will not damage the structure.

Property values

metal garage building

When you add a structure to your property, you are adding usable square footage to your property. This adds value to the resell value of the property. Metal garages are detached and come in many styles, colors, and floorplans. This adds aesthetically to the curb appeal of the property.

You may have an attached garage on your property and you may ask why you should build a detached metal garage. By adding a detached structure that will serve more than one purpose, you may transform the existing garage space into livable space. If your family has outgrown the space, or if you would like to turn the space into a study, studio, office, or family room. These changes are cost effective and make a dramatic difference in the resell value of the property.


Much of the wear and tear on traditional buildings happen due to the forces of nature. Freezing and thawing degrades materials such as lumber, sealants, seals, and concretes over time. These factors do not affect steel.

The wind is another force that has always caused property owners a problem. Steel stands up to hurricane and tornado force winds.

Snow and ice can cause the collapse of some buildings. Steel is strong enough to support even heavy snowfall and hail or ice. Weather conditions are a non-issue for the metal garage owner.


metal garage building

Because of the obvious features of the metal garage buildings that we have covered, it is easy to see how insurance companies are often able to offer lower premiums. The buildings are fire resistant, strong against all weather conditions, resistant to break-ins, and insect and animal resistant. In fact, if there is a problem in a metal garage, the design of the building would ensure it would be contained within its own walls and would allow more time for emergency services to respond.

Future plans

Metal garages come in a variety of styles to meet any challenge. Whether you are placing the metal garage on your residential property or your commercial property, there may come a time in the future when you need additional buildings. It is easy to purchase future structures for any need. There is no limit to the uses of metal buildings. They are used for:

  • Military barracks and base buildings
  • Airplane or helicopter hangers
  • Storage for classic or antique car and motorcycle collections
  • Farming equipment and crop storage
  • Boat and watersports equipment

No matter what the future holds, additions will be well constructed and will look clean and neat and will match the existing buildings on the property.

If you have questions about the building you need, the construction of the building, and the integrity of the materials used click here. Metal garages have been professionally manufactured for decades and the professionals are ready to answer your questions. There is a metal building that is right for your property.

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