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Eliminating Pests: What's Works Best?


No matter what type of building you own, your structure is a target for pests of all kinds. We’ve all run into them at one point or another. While this is an unfortunate truth, mankind has his ways of dealing with these pesky critters. In fact, we have so many ways of doing this that we are able to cross examine them and determine what is truly the most effective method. So the big question is, what works best, and why? Fidelity Steel is no stranger to pest control. With decades of experience, we’re happy to let you in our #1 secret. First, let’s take a look at some of the most popular methods.



Easily one of the most widely used methods for eliminating pests, there are dozens of devices to choose from. If you’ve ever spotted ants in the kitchen, you’ve likely went out and bought an ant trap. These sleek little devices trick them into thinking there’s a sweet treat inside, and they attempt to take the poison back to the colony. Poisoned bait is often used to eliminate rodents, and even the Orkin man uses chemical sprays that are deadly to cockroaches, millipedes, earwigs, and those horrid looking thousand leggers. While this method can be effective, there are several drawbacks.

First, and foremost, these poisons affect more than just their desired targets. You need something safer, and a quick look at the labels placed on the back show a warning against letting pets and children near them. Once a pest picks up the poison, it is trailing the deadly chemical all around your home. Second, these tactics only ever work on a short term basis. They need to be reapplied, and rarely stop the problem altogether. You’ll end up spending more money this way, and struggling to keep unwanted intruders away all year round as they just keep coming back.



When it comes to rodents and larger animals such as raccoons and possums, traps are often used to eliminate them. From the simple snapping mouse trap, to cages with triggers to lock the animal inside, they are most certainly effective at catching these types of creatures. Much like the previous method of poison, there are numerous reasons as to why this choice in pest control becomes ineffective as a true solution to the issue itself.

The main drawback that many overlook is the bait used to lure these animals in. While putting some peanut butter, or cheese, on a mouse trap definitely gets them caught, chances are that you’re dealing with more than just one rodent. Multiple traps set up around the building, all with bait waiting for the unsuspecting pest, are attracting new critters in the area as well. The same goes for other baited traps aimed at catching larger animals. One annoying raccoon can easily become two now that there is enticing food in the area. While disposal is easy, it isn’t pleasant, and a dead rodent sitting around until you get to it not only stinks, but increases their potential of spreading the diseases they are known to carry. More importantly, traps do not take care of the problem for good.

Pest Prevention


The only full proof way to eliminate pests is to prevent the problem in the first place. That sounds impossible, right? You would have to eliminate food sources, hiding places, nesting grounds, and entryways. Well, there is hassle free way to accomplish this, and it’s steel building construction. That’s our secret, and by far the best method of pest control out there.

Cheaper than the cost of traditional methods such as stone, brick, or wood, steel offers benefits that the rest simply do not. Pests have their name for a reason, they find a way inside your buildings and make their home there. Our metal designs eliminate any entryway that these creatures usually find. A concrete foundation keeps the dirt lovers away, while our durable sheet metal leaves no spaces to make nests, or to call home. Some insects feed on wood, materials between walls, or the dust that gathers there. Steel gives them nothing to nibble on, forcing them to go elsewhere for food. By taking out these three main causes, your structure becomes a fortress against the insects and animals we all try to keep out.

Aiding The Agricultural Industry


Farmers have dealt with unwelcomed visitors for hundreds of years. Insects eat and destroy crops, even when stored in a warehouse. Birds and rodents can carry diseases that infect their horses and livestock. Our steel farm buildings keep those bugs from eating up the fruits of their hard labor, offer birds no poles or beams to make nests on, and offer no crevasses or cracks that animals can crawl into. Saving them money on the cost of the structure itself, the cost of pest control devices, and the time it takes to deal with them, farmers all across the country have discovered the benefits of steel construction.

Eliminating Warehouse Worries


As businesses grow they often need more space to house inventory, vehicles, and materials. These buildings are often victim to rodents and insects, as no one is there to keep them at bay day in and day out. Metal Warehouses offer a sealed design, making it impossible for these intruders to gain entry. Once the doors are shut pests will have to find somewhere else to call home, keeping your items in storage safe and clean so you can enjoy some peace of mind.

Tried and Trusted Steel

When comparing the different methods of pest control, it’s easy to see why metal construction is the best form of pest control. With no poisonous chemicals or traps to continuously buy, or paying for a company to keep reapplying, you save yourself time, money, worry, and hassle. Eliminate the headache altogether, and see just what Fidelity Steel can do for you, or your business. Still unsure? Feel free to take a look at what our customers have to say about us on the testimonials page.

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