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Going Green

Going Green with Fidelity Steel Buildings:

Steel is a natural and logical choice when it comes to green building products and design. But why Fidelity steel building products and contracting? Because at Fidelity Steel, we offer features and benefits combined with excellent, honest customer service. We offer:

  • Quality steel framing and sheeting made with recycled material – a necessity of LEED point eligibility.
  • Versatile product. You can expand, alter or even relocate your Fidelity Steel building.
  • Energy efficient, code compliant structural steel products.

Fidelity Steel will help you ensure your building project has minimal impact on the community surrounding the site, as well as the environment at large – not just for the duration of construction but also throughout the entire lifespan of your building. Fidelity Steel focuses on four areas of green building: energy, water, materials, and people.

How does Fidelity Steel Buildings achieve such impressive levels of energy efficiency?

  • Thermal Clad Insulated Wall paneling and Roof Paneling creates controlled-environment for entire life of your metal building. R-values up to 32.3 available.
  • Our building products are designed to suit a wide selection of insulation alternatives for maximized thermal efficiency.
  • Cool Roof and panel colors. Fidelity Steel’s SSR roofing system with Cool Regal White color coating meets strict code requirements. Fidelity Steel’s design and build software enables us to eliminate wasted or prolonged design and estimating time while increasing efficiency right down the most minute detail. Fidelity Steel provides a selection of airflow improvement products, window insulation, insulated doors, and ventilated roofing systems.
  • Fidelity Steel offers natural light selections including a variety
    of skylights and wall panels, adding to your overall sustainable
    design score for LEED.

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