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Steel Office Buildings, The Fidelity Steel Way

If you are in search of an office building that is chock full of accommodations, a great work environment, and as green as they come [...]

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How Prefab Buildings Might Inspire The Next Generation Of Homeowners

Have you seen this article? Recently published in the Sacramento Bee, the piece highlights some of the incredible advantages that prefab buildings have over their [...]

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​Cool Roofs Are Heating Up

Have you heard of cool roofs? These specially designed roofs help protect a building’s occupants from the heat. Once considered a novelty, they’re starting to [...]

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The Advantages of a Portable Carport vs. Waterproof Car Cover

You’ve finally decided that enough is enough. You’re going to do everything in your power to take care of your beautiful, sparkling ride. Your car [...]

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Eliminating Pests: What's Works Best?

No matter what type of building you own, your structure is a target for pests of all kinds. We’ve all run into them at one [...]

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What Churches Can Learn From San Sebastian Basilica

Have you seen this church? It’s the San Sebastian Basilica, located in the Quiapo district of Manila, in the Philippines. At first glance, it may [...]

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What's A Lifetime Shed?

What’s a lifetime shed? Imagine storage buildings that outclass old-school wooden sheds in near every respect. Think size, durability, individuality. What you’re thinking about is [...]

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To Store or Not To Store

Everyone seems to have more and more things that need a home, separate from the house they live in. A place where it’s out from [...]

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About our Buildings

Fidelity Steel Building Systems are engineered to be erector-friendly. Our steel buildings go up without problems or delays because we use universal purlins and girts [...]

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Metal Is Green

Metal construction is green, recyclable and durable. In addition, strategically designed metal construction projects contribute to a building’s improved energy efficiency, reduce the amount of [...]

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